Interschool Sports Centre No. 7 in Ochota (MOS Ochota) runs a wide range of activities directed to children and youth. We advocate the sportive and healthy way of spending leisure. We would  like to improve the health and fitness of the young generation and imprint the principles of healthy competition.

We achieve our aims through elaborate conceptions of work based on the latest training methods, many years of practice and highly qualified teacher-trainer team. We have: a sports hall, swimming pool, gym and two smaller rooms for correction exercises. We run sports sections where players take part in regular sports club competitions.

The boys’ basketball section offers classes in all age categories from the first classes of primary school up to taking part in the third league games, where our players take part  as juniors and older juniors. We take part in regular competitions run by Warsaw District Basketball Union of Województwo Mazowieckie as Interschool Sports Club „Ochota” (MKS Ochota).

Girls’ handball section runs classes from the first classes of primary school up to juniors. Girls take part in the competitions led by Warszawsko-Mazowiecki District Handball Union representing the Interschool Sports Club „Ochota” (MKS Ochota), which works as a part of our centre.

We offer the following classes at the swimming pool:
– swimming for children attending primary school, gymnasium and kindergarten
– learning and the improvement of swimming techniques with the elements of the correction of spinal defects
– learning and the improvement of swimming techniques for teenagers/ youth
– swimming classes – leisure.

In our centre there operates The Centre for the Correction of Spinal Defects where children can shape their posture correctly. We also organize special events for the environment and within the range of club competition e.g. handball and basketball competitions, competitions for kindergartens (the Kindergarten Olympics), the action „Summer in the City” and „Winter in the City.”

1500 children and young people take part in the classes in our centre on a regular basis. The classes take place from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 21:00. Our office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 to 16:00 (Tuesdays and Thursdays until 19:00).

We warmly invite you to take advantage  of our offer.

Mgr Piotr Łukawski
Centre Director

Mgr Paweł Grzesiak
Centre Vice-Director

 MOS nr 7 Ochota
02 -396 Warszawa
1, Geodetów Street,
Tel. 8226607, fax 6687345